Being a mom is a rewarding, heartwarming, challenging and sometimes overwhelming journey. For some, life becomes hectic and we easily lose our balance. And for some, we have all the help we need, yet our souls are looking for connection and meaning. Hence, Namami Ma.

The Namami week is designed to ensure that moms and kids are engaged meaningfully together and on their own too, being nearby at all times. It is the time for you to reconnect with your needs and take care of yourself, while your child is being cared for by our team of trained and loving nannies.

The Namami Experience



Each day you will have time for yourself and to connect with other moms. All the activities during the day will be optional and supportive of your needs. This oasis is designed to be a respite from daily life, and the disconnect enables you to open up towards change and healing read more...


You will nourish yourself with food, friendships and fun. We’ve planned a tasty food menu for everyone, and can easily add or adapt to suit your dietary preferences or restrictions. You will nurture yourself with relaxing spa activities. read more...


You will meet amazing guest speakers and facilitators who will share their wisdom and knowledge on conscious parenting and holistic living. You will be exposed to inspiring aspects of local culture and spirituality, with the invitation to embed these practices for a more mindful everyday life.


Through the Namami week, you have an opportunity to build new bonds through sharing with other moms from around the world in a very open, safe and supportive environment. As you meet with kindred spirits, you’ll align with your soul and find yourself again.


A time to find inspiration through exploration. A dose of healthy adventure in an exotic landscape, customised to your and your child’s preferences, for you to experience the new, and clear out your path to your most authentic self. Children benefit from a whole new experience too, adding new ways to bond with you.


With an emphasis on connection, Namami will stay with you long after the week is over. Our intention for you is to return with a renewed sense of vigour for life, a whole new set of friendships, a deeper connection with your self, and your child and perhaps a whole new way forward.
A typical day at Namami week

Our Stay

We’ll be staying at a carefully selected venue surrounded by lush nature, with ensuite double/twin rooms, all with ceiling fans. The facilities include a spacious, fenced garden with a beautiful pool, an Open air dining table, a spacious yoga shala, a big room for playtime and activities, a spa with private rooms and lots of hangout areas both for adults and kids

Where & When


March 19-26, 2023
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USD 2,800

1 mama and 1 child together | Extra child: $ 200

Coming soon...
Coming soon...
A typical day at Namami week
  • A typical day at Namami week
  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions
A typical day at Namami week:

    As the sun rises, moms rise and shine too
    Morning fruits n drinks for mama and baby
    Yoga/Body work
    Workshop/Outing for Mama’s and Kids
  • NOON

    Nap/Massage/Pool time

    Moms on a Coffee Chat with guest speaker, kids on a guided play workshop
    Bedtime Rituals
    Mama’s Circle

The Namami week is about you and your child. We are committed to creating a transformative, holistic experience where every mom is well taken care of, and feels seen and heard. So, we’ll select a diverse group of 5 moms and their kids for every cohort.

If you’d like to join in for any of our dates or locations, please let us know.

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