The Namami

We all undergo a journey of constant transformation, and though beautiful, it comes with a continual loss of connection, outgrown friendships and a search for our core selves. Whether we are on our own, or with partners, or with children, we often dream of a space where we can slow down, nourish our own selves, bond in more mindful ways with others, and develop authentic, meaningful friendships for a lifetime. Hence, we created Namami.

Our Offerings

Our intention is for women across ages and lifestages to experience the Namami life.
With that in mind, we’ve created two unique transformative experiences:

Namami Ma

A group vacation program for moms and kids to experience together.

Namami Me

A group vacation program for women only.

The Namami Experience

All our programs are designed to create a holistic, safe and nurturing space for you to restore, rejuvenate and reconnect
with your vibe and your tribe. Whether you join in by yourself, or with your children, we hope for you to return with a
lifetime of cherished memories, new friendships and meaningful connection.


Namami Ma

A space to connect with yourself, your child and other amazing moms, developing authentic connections and enriching perspectives. This experience works best for moms with kids from 2 to 12 years, who are looking for a vacation and transformative experience perfectly designed for you and your child’s needs. Reconnect with yourself, and your child, and build authentic and meaningful connections with other mamas who are sharing the journey of motherhood. For moms who prefer to take time off without their kids, Namami Me would be the right milestone for your journey :)

Let us know if you’d like to attend. We’ll select a diverse group of 5 moms and their kids for every cohort.

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Namami Me

At Namami Me, you’ll reconnect with yourself, enrich your life experience and build authentic, meaningful connections with other women. And make new friends!

A safe and nurturing space for women to relax and open up to a more intentional way of living This experience is designed to work best for women looking for a transformative experience on an effortless vacation, no matter your life stage or background.

Let us know if you’d like to attend. We’ll select a diverse group of 5 women for every cohort.

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The Namami Life

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